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    DC, my friend, guide and teacher, whose writings are framed in the website TheAwakeningSelf.com used his own definitions for words such as karma, enlightenment and awakening, which are very different from those used here. This was because he was describing his own experiences, and using what he felt were the best words, as he heard them used and defined by others he came into contact with whose awareness and experience were very much more limited than his own.

    For instance, he would consider enlightenment as a low level of awareness, below that of awakening, and the definitions here, in these books, are emphatically not the same. The Buddha actually did much the same thing.

    Whether DC’s teachings and awareness were beyond the final stage of enlightenment as described here or not, his writings are clearly those of an inspired teacher and guide, and there is much to be gained from them for those who are looking to wake up to a spiritual life.

    However DC came to his awareness without following apparent spiritual disciplines, like many awakened teachers. My belief – and his – was that this was the result of evolution and obedience in past lives.

    For most of us, engagement with a spiritual discipline suited to our nature and nurture is entirely necessary.

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