This site was created to offer the opportunity for secular and religious seekers to form a loosely-connected online peer support group, and to ask and answer questions about the search for and realisation of the various stages of enlightenment.

Of particular interest to this site-owner are the two priceless-and-free Guides to Enlightenment which were produced by the Implicate Technology Centre, London. These two Guides are freely available for reading/comment/Q&A on this site, paragraph by paragraph. These short books may be downloaded entire as rtf, Kindle(azw3), pdf and epub files from this site, also, freely. You do not have to register to download the books.

There is a forum provided below for general questions, and the comment facility under each paragraph may be used to ask more specific questions – you will need to login for this. If you register, please comment or ask a question soon, or you may be asked to re-register.

The Implicate Technology Centre have now set up their own website (link), with colourful downloadable pdf files of the books. These are not indexed or searchable, and there is no facility to ask questions. We recommend that you download the free indexed versions from us (link to downloads page), which facilitates discussion and access to the additional material on our site.

Community Forum 

  Do notice how long ago forum contributions were made: we are unlikely to return to edit our past posts with each expansion of consciousness.

Discussion on individual paragraphs of the two Guides can be asked by commenting under the paragraphs themselves.