About The Implicate Technology Centre.

The Implicate Technology Centre was formed to meet the extensive and unfulfilled need for self-help books of a secular nature, which explain in clear, direct, everyday terms what enlightenment is and how it can be attained.

The two books are based on the experience of enlightened individuals living and working as ordinary people in and around London. They have pooled their experience to provide this teaching, so that others can know the benefits of enlightenment. This teaching of a systematic and coherent secular system of meditation leading to enlightenment was completed in 1987.

These books tackle the opportunity created by the explosion of interest in enlightenment, through the use of secular language and imagery to explore issues which are normally the province of religions.
After the Centre closed, and the books went out of print in 2008, the two books have been freely available on Scribd, and for your convenience you can download them directly here. Their quality and simplicity is beyond price and description.

Please do print the books out, or use a dedicated e-reader, and read the first book right through. It is important to do them justice. Put quite simply: they work.

You can also discuss them on this site, and are encouraged to ask and answer questions,on the various paragraphs and techniques.

There have been many occasions when this site-owner  would have welcomed the opportunity to ask questions. It is hoped that such questions when asked will attract useful answers from those who are further along the Far Journey.

In August 2013 the ITC posted on the forum that they are setting up their own website (link).


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