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    Hi Aerist,

    The Implicate Technology Centre will launch its website, http://www.theimplicatetechnologycentre.co.uk, on 3rd November 2013. That message is on the website now.

    The original books will be available for free download as pdf files, along with a new version of each book. These new versions are a visual presentation of the original text, designed to make the teachings more accessible.

    Please feel free to offer these downloads on your site.

    The email address this message was sent from will be deleted.

    Please accept our sincere thanks for your efforts to bring the teachings to a wider audience.

    May you, and those who use your site, grow and flower spiritually in the times to come,
    The Implicate Technology Centre



    I will be pleased to link this downloads page to yours when your site becomes active: that will be more sensible than maintaining two centres. I look forward to studying the updated versions of the books.

    You will still be able to read, reply and comment on this site, even AFTER deleting your email address. An active email address is only needed to receive password reminders.

    I shall detail here what changes I might make to this site in the light of the updated content on the ITC site, so there is an opportunity to comment.

    Your own wish for privacy is respected. Should you (or any other person) wish to contact me privately there is a contact form here .

    Thank you for your blessings.

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    The illumined versions have a more modern look, at the expense of some readability. Certainly, some of the graphics are useful, and I may include some of them in the online version of the book on this site.

    My original intention was to link this site to the downloads section of the ITC site, however I do think the the downloads section here contains a more user-friendly product, with paragraph reference numbers to aid discussion, rather than page numbers which can be confusing on an e-reader.

    I have corrected the BTP error concerning the retention of Female Sexual Energy, and brought the downloads section on this site up to date.

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