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    There has been time to have a quick read-through of the updated books. Here is a brief summary of first impressions (of the second impressions!)

    I notice that the object of the exercise has been to create an illumined version of the original text.

    We are all aware of the power of that original text, however it might be useful to update some of the text in the light of the experiences of those who have been using the book. One factual error has been corrected, in para 5.7.2, relevant to female sexual energy, and several other typos too. It would have been useful to include more information relevant to the retention of female sexual energy, and how males and females differ in this respect. I have placed some information as a comment to the relevant para http://guidestoenlightenment.com/b-5-7-2-the-first-step-is-to-retain-the-sexual-energy-your-body-generates/#comment-158 .

    In TEA, the book still refers to this “late-twentieth century” culture.

    The updated versions do not include paragraph references to aid in searching and discussion, and the illumined version of the book is not searchable at all.

    The illumined version might well appeal to new, young seekers: however unless it is printed out, or a service found to print a book copy of the pdf, one must use some e-reader, and this version is difficult to read on a black-and-white ebook, and needs a larger colour tablet such as the i-pad or kindle fire, etc, to view as intended.

    Certainly, some of the graphics may be practically useful, and I may include some of them in the online version of the book on this site.

    My original intention was to link this site to the downloads section of the ITC site, however I do think the the downloads section here contains a more user-friendly product, including paragraph reference numbers to aid discussion. I will be comparing the versions of the text in more depth, and updating the downloadable versions as discrepancies come to light.



    Are there any of these books that are printed the same on sale? that was good one to have in my collection. If there are ebooks to be downloaded or files that can be reprinted I will have it done at our local print shop.



    There are second-hand copies still available at a very high price. A print shop is a good idea, but no links, please!

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