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“It explains in extremely accessible terms how to approach spiritual goals without feeling that you are surrendering your intellect to some superstitious practices…. No aspect of the process is neglected and it would seem to be unique in advising the student to expect failure as a prerequisite to success … Expertly presented content.” The Unknown

“A clear and concise introduction … makes good use of the question and answer formula … makes the reader want to read more rather than feel he or she is being preached at.” Aberdeen Review

“A beginner’s guide to enlightenment, but it will be of great value to those who have passed the beginner’s stage … a useful book for people at all levels of consciousness and/or enlightenment. It is well worth buying.” The Kabbalist

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  1. Well, Adam, if you are still waiting for a reply, thanks!
    Mysticism does not have anything to do with “misty” – it is an exact science, in that if you follow the instructions exactly as they are written, then the results will happen exactly as they are written. How they worked for me is just the same as how they will work for you. How do I know? – it has become obvious to me that the techniques that I use as I come to them in the books work as predicted, and there is faith that this progress will continue.
    However the stage I have reached, beyond the second stage, is one where further “success” is not guaranteed in this lifetime so I am uncertain how a failure might be measured and reported …
    Intuitively I know I am continuing to evolve.
    (I use “I” here as a form of shorthand)

  2. Hello Aerist,
    Your reply was very timely when I read it. I was doubting this process but your reply and my immediately winning some money, confirmed to me that I was still on the right path.
    Can I pin you down? I am stuck, ie 10 years, at the meditation on page 42 Fourth exercise.
    Can you tell me if you have gone beyond this to the Fifth exercise?
    With great thanks

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