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    This is a summary of several postings from around the guides.

    Many, new to the system, have serious reservations about the “don’t interfere” part of the formula. Don’t interfere with the flow of Reality as it unfolds, is what this seems to me to be about.

    Many beginners unconsciously either place themselves at the centre of Reality, or omit themselves from a consideration as a part of Reality altogether – all such beliefs are conditioned (tending to be about the personality’s sense of its worth).

    The way to go about practising this, is to become ever more conscious of your own place in that unfolding reality, and this naturally occurs with the practice of meditation, and the use of the formula “Throughout your life, Live and Act.” This is a gradual process, and in the meantime, we can and will make mistakes. Making mistakes is also a part of the system.

    Here are some of my own learnings from using this system:

    Implicate systems are hated by parts of the personality ( see for instance http://guidestoenlightenment.com/b-1-5-what-does-it-mean-to-say-reality-is-a-process-which-devours-the-personality/ ), because the ego realises correctly that the first stage of enlightenment is all about the ego giving up control over “its” life. So I realise when I promote this system I will be talking to people who will argue, find fault, put it off, mean to do something about it and forget, all the million tricks the personality will put up to avoid losing its sense of control and supremacy over the world. This is not their fault, but its bloody infuriating! It is, in fact, a good sign that the system is both valid and powerful, and beginning to stir up their unconscious already.

    When I began to work the system, it was with a feeling of “finally getting down to it”. This was mainly to do with committing to meditate every single day, but also the feeling that this was a clear system which would take me where I wanted to go. I was heartened by the book saying that nothing initially would change in my life, that change would be gradual, and that everything I needed was to hand.

    I began to meditate, and soon it became obvious that I interfered in my external life a lot. A LOT. All the time. It was very difficult to unpick. A usual type of question, “you mean you wouldn’t always interfere if you saw a child being abused?” actually never came up for me. At least that would have been straightforward. Most “needing to help” can be usefully examined in terms of the personality’s pride, using the Power Discipline Input stage. For my personality, it was more about my needing to be needed, needing to be useful, not letting people do without me, in case they discovered they could –

    and of course the pride in knowing what they needed and being able to do that for them. “Act on your intuition” became for me about unpicking my personality’s need to control and interfere. When working with this system the challenges to not interfere are quite subtle.

    A big challenge for me was, in fact, to sit and do nothing. I resisted this for many months (this is interference, by choosing not to act on my intuition), remaining “stuck,” and gradually the universe helped by removing all my distractions one by one. When the challenge was faced (and, objectively, it can’t get much easier than sitting still, can it, no dramatic rescues from thugs required) I was gradually shown what I work I was to do.

    I couldn’t stop it all at once. Some, with more willpower than I, have done so and this has precipitated psychotic episodes in them, so a gradual approach was probably best, even though it was painful to continue watching my karma continue building up – which was also becoming clear to me.

    As I meditated, it became clear to me what I needed to do, and not do. These insights rarely happened during the meditation, but were one of its products. Not following these insights also constitutes interference.

    If I wanted to change my life, as happened when insights arose that I was moving in the wrong direction, I used the system’s “power discipline” for acting harmoniously with the flow of reality, a three step process ( http://guidestoenlightenment.com/b-3-7-1-what-is-this-power-discipline/ ) involving thorough analysis using the intellect, allowing the intuition to demonstrate how to shift the balance of power, and acting in the world.

    I found (and continue to find) that re-reading some or all of the books from time to time was very valuable. Their immediacy and freshness is a pull to the centre in the midst of conditions.

    Don’t let your ego sabotage your chances of enlightenment this time around. “The Karma of neglecting your spiritual progress, for any reason whatever, is birth, ageing suffering and death, repeated endlessly.”

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