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    I came across these books in 1994 and followed them to the letter. What ensued was total insanity. I then had to learn a whole new language to fit my new experience of reality. Raising the sexual energy I discovered was raising the Kundalini or Kriya yoga or the sword from the stone or baptised by fire, etc. etc. Then I had to make sense of about 5 or 6 past life memories, I didn’t know who the hell I was for a couple of years in the 90’s and this was all drug and alcohol free by the way as I was and am, still clean and sober, nearly 21 years now. It took me years to realise the ‘visions’ referred to in the 2nd book were karmic shards of amalgamated energy that comprised what I understood as ‘myself’ topped off with a personality. This was followed by psychiatric care as full blown psychosis took hold, which I now realise was karmic self actualisation, but you try telling a psychiatrist that and see how far it gets you. Then after threading my chakras as I now understand it after having to learn some Hindu yoga to give me some basic language to describe my intense internal energy experience I now experience occasional blissful states based on not releasing my sexual energy in the form of ejaculation, basically I have an internal orgasm but the language to describe that was beyond me back in the 90’s. Thank god for Zen Buddhism because the discipline of Soto Zen monks saved me from doing something really stupid, as it was I travelled to India, California, Germany, Glastonbury and across the universe and back in visionary experience, in search for an end to my suffering. What I didn’t realise was that enlightenment is one thing, the end to suffering is quite another, again I thank the Zen boys for that understanding. I have meet Mantak Chia by the way and he’s really good.
    Where I find myself now after 17 years of practice is close to the second stage of enlightenment living in a world called Earth which is totally at odds with anything like this. I’m on the verge of starting my own personal spiritual revolution, having first felt dismay and then pity for the pseudo spirituality of Glastafarians and associated new age depressives, who mean well but are ineffectual. All this has a back drop of me being working class from a council estate in Bradford, to say it was a shock to my cultural sensibilities is an understatement, but now I experience the universe as full on present which doesn’t mean much down the job centre when you have to explain how you’ve been looking for work. Why have I written this? Because I made it through the worst, and this is a peer support forum based on 2 books, which as I said earlier I followed to the letter.
    This century is set for world war three or a massive spiritual revolution. I’m in the non violent revolution camp ready to promote meditation and ‘raising the sexual energy’ (as they euphemistically call it in BTP), as a national public health policy but we need health trainers for the roll out and until we come up with some competency tests this is going nowhere. There have been way too many charlatans and so called gurus for the public to trust anything without any observable objective reliability no matter how subject the experience of reality is. There is suffering but there is a million voices shouting follow me. What we need is a secular spiritual health programe that can be adopted by governments not more nutters like Sai Baba, Osho etc. etc. Isaac Newton believed in god but was a scientist. We need to build on this implicate technology thing, because a couple of books isn’t going to be enough. Any response to that anyone?

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    Hi Bren, and welcome. I think you have just confirmed that setting this site up was intuitive rather than personality driven. I am a lot older than you, and from a background where checking in for ten years of personal work and therapy with a spiritually sympathetic therapist was possible, so I avoided much of the quasi-psychotic realignment that you describe. On the other hand, your way was a lot quicker (and cheaper).

    I have felt that these books will lead you to whatever experiences/people/books you need to move on, that they entrain the follower with the universal flow. And “more than these two books” is likely to be a part of that.

    The points you make about the need for objective validation, “confirmation” as I called it above, are excellent. It may well be that at the fourth stage internal evidence is sufficient, but muddling through the meditations leading to the second stage, where we are encouraged to move on when we feel it is right to, it would be really helpful to have someone who will say “Have you considered you might be doing this?” My own experience, having a full-on head-based personality, is that I have spent three years now struggling with sitting with boredom, maintaining undistracted awareness. I can see progress, but have I done enough to move on? Around three months, the books say.

    I was in touch with another user of these books, a Steve H, who I lost touch with after his email got hacked. His advice to me was timely and helpful, as you would expect.

    Perhaps in this age it will be right to build a new online Implicate Technology Centre.

    Welcome, indeed.



    Thanks for the response. This is the first time I’ve communicated with someone working the Implicate Technology seriously. I’ve spoken with others in the past who dabbled but decided to smoke skunk instead, which inevitably has lead them to more suffering. My experience of working the techniques in TEA was that the moment I experienced the realisation I moved on to the next and the next. This resulted in me being catapulted in to a realisation of enlightenment for a moment, the time span was irrelevant. It was as though I had telescoped out off my purely subjective experience whilst still experiencing it so the whole atomic experience of the universe became possible. Then due to my karma it ended as rapidly as it had begun and I found myself back in a very subjective experience of life with a collection of memories and experiences which transformed me. I don’t know for sure why I went at it so ferociously. I believe it is because as a result of a memory from my last Bardot I remember making a deal with an angel (and I don’t mean some naked guy with wings and a halo) and I believe this is why my experience in this personality has developed as it has; because of choices made by a previous karmic stream resulting in this current stream which has named itself Brendan and needed to be born in Yorkshire in 1967. As a result of this it gave me the strength to continue to seek my truth despite being assailed by nay sayers and tempted by charlatans. I did write to the PO Box in London about 10 years ago and got a reply. I was hoping the authors may reveal themselves and provide some emotional support but they didn’t, they were sympathetic to my suffering though. In a way it’s probably for the best as the last thing this planet needs is another guru(s).
    My experience of sticking with boredom is that it’s a trap; I’m waiting for something to happen, when what I want to happen is already happening. My current barrier I’ve struggled with for years is fear of being back in psychiatric care. I’m sure those times have passed but I can’t let the fear go so consequently I’m stuck. There’s a lot the books don’t tell you about like for example, past life memories, mine were traumatic (I now understand trauma better and have healed most of it but it nearly killed me), AUM and the importance of going with it and being wary of medical intervention, the whole internal energy movement thing and the need for the nervous system to grow and adapt to the new massive flow of energy. It was like connecting a 5v light bulb direct to 240v, it’s taken my nervous system years to grow to handle this new voltage and I know there’s still a way to go. When I first raised my sexual energy/Kundalini it tore through me like a jagged knife and I had no one to talk to about it, I struggled with it for years until it finally settled down. When I approached spiritual leaders and gurus about it most of them were ignorant or afraid or patronising or charlatans, or worse their body guards tried to hide the truth or me! I can understand peoples fear of these things but our culture is on the verge of world war 3 and as long as people believe money will sort things out we’re screwed. There’s a lot of good people out there but how can the consciousness of our species be raised against such huge forces as are currently rallied against them. I know it’s pivot, input, act, or let go and let god and that (from memory) when you realise you are the ONE that created the universe and all the joy and suffering in it then the need to change it becomes irrelevant. I still feel this is a cop out and that just letting the universe unfold thought by thought is fine until you watch your children harmed etc. etc. I believe spirituality has to be practical as does my guru, yes I picked up a guru along the way, otherwise sitting in meditation dispensing smug platitudes about how it’s all one and don’t worry be happy is not in my karma.



    I think your fear of being stuck in psychiatric care is entirely rational. A group of psychiatrists have been trying to prevent the introduction of dsm-V for years, because it introduces some new diagnoses, like spiritual crisis (and overworking). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-5 .

    I also contacted the Centre, about ten years ago: at that time they were trying to set up a website on Mantra, and they were having difficulty incorporating the sound files. I offered to help, but it wasn’t taken up. I did get a NAME on a letter, but after keeping the letter reverently for a year or so I decided I was attached to it, and disposed of it.

    When they stopped accepting orders for books, I did a companies search on the Implicate Technology Centre Ltd, which revealed an address in London which had recently been put up for sale (- a death??), and that the limited company was dissolved shortly after the books were published, in the late 80’s. I tried contacting BCM, and also the publishing house, offering to buy the copyrights, but received no response.

    Some time after an obviously scanned version of the books was put up on Scribt by “imptechcent” who doesn’t answer letters either, but has noticed that this site exists and has added a link in the books.

    It is easy to allow discouragement to arise when so-called spiritual seekers will rubbish the books without ever actually reading them all the way through. I give talks occasionally – giving one this Sunday, actually – but the is a wondering if they are part of the flow or distractions from sitting with boredom. Incidentally, boredom brings up grief in my body.

    Gurus. Yes, indeed. The only living teachers I would call gurus are realised, take whoever presents as students, and change then happens…

    I went to see Andrew Cohen in Manchester, twice, and the first time, spent the entire time in the loo throwing up. You have to respect someone who can do that to your personality! Tolle’s books are lovely, and his Youtube presence is full of awareness. Also, DC Vision’s work is eclectic: http://theawakeningself.com

    If I ever felt qualified to Teach, I would teach within a system. This system. I think the quality is just unmistakeable.

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