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    A book that was given away free on my e-reader caught the attention:Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat by Geoffrey Kuhn.

    While primarily a book about how to lose weight, it gives a tidy summary of quantum physics and its application to behavioural change. Followers of the ITC books will be aware that they are based on a quantum physics perspective – the term “Implicate Order” was created by a quantum physicist, David Bohm.

    Paraphrasing the essential message of the book into an ITC-like “formula” might read thus:
    Eat only what you feel is good for you at this time
    Move continuously throughout your life in ways that feel good to you at this time

    Formula: Throughout your life,
    eat and move.

    • Essential tools in underpinning this formula, we will not be surprised to hear, include:
      15 minutes meditation a day,
      the use of visualisation/imagination in creating the target body,
      the practice of acting “as if” you had reached your target weight already, and
      the practice of gratitude.

    I’m sure it works. Certainly, some of the book, about creating your ideal life (The Secret, etc. etc.), seems to ignore the effects of several billion people creating something else in competition, but the idea and ideal of the book seems a wonderful way for a new audience to learn about universal laws and their application to personal and spiritual development.

    And, of course, it integrates completely with the ITC system given in the Guides.

    This is posted here to help publicise the ITC system of development. When one considers that 60% of adults in the west are overweight or clinically obese, it increases our target audience somewhat!

    a href=”http://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Quantum-Physicists-Dont-Get/dp/1478156805/ref=sr_1_1?s=books



    I am less motivated when it comes to book guide about weight loss but if that would looks like this with touch of science then perhaps and interesting topic for me to get involve. I am very curious about this book, I wanna know how science a quantum physics in particular curve the building blocks of losing weights. I am not obese nor fat though, but I am thinking to take a firm and fit body. This books is very much intriguing me, hopefully soon I can get an ebook copy.

    Chris Hanson Andrew



    Hi Chris, and welcome.
    The Guides here are a practical application of quantum physics, in that they use psychospiritual techniques (meditation and disciplined action) to allow each of us to demonstrate to ourselves experientially that the observer and the observed are one and the same.

    As far as diet is concerned, it is the same disciplined action required by the Formula that is the goal. In the process of tuning up our intuition and acting only on it – only eating what you feel is good for you at this time – reality unfolds before us.

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