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    I went to a lecture recently by Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri http://www.swamiyogeshwaranandagiri.blogspot.co.uk/ entitled “How to Live in the World and Attain Enlightenment.” There was nothing in his method that would have conflicted with the teaching in “Beyond the Personality: the beginners guide to enlightenment” on this site. Of course, it was a short lecture, so I would have to say that the ITC book was superior to his method. Indeed, I would say that the ITC recognition of levels of enlightenment with different practices appropriate to each level was also superior to the Swami’s instruction. But, as I say, the essential formula for attaining enlightenment was to all intents and purposes identical.

    Where we would differ is in the existence of free will. We say it exists. The Swami said that only “seeming free will” exists, that is, we believe we are exercising free will but actually we have no option but to do what we do. Choice, in his philosophy, is illusory.

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